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That's all?


Great, we considered the 5 factors to choose our ideal destination, analyzing, discerning, judging. We have built our own ranking, taking into account the weight thathas any single factor for us. Did we finish? Can we leave?

Well, no. The 5 factors help us to identify our best candidates among countries and cities, but now we must confirm our choice by digging deeper. The criteria become more dependent on personal taste: if we are very technological we will evaluate the technological infrastructure, the availability of Internet and cable television. If we are interested in the peace of a small farm in the countryside, we will assess the availability of drinking water, reliable electricity, roads sufficiently cured. If we are interested in a healthy life style, we will consider the pollution, the availability of preservative-free food and pure water.

Do not forget the care element: have we a friend or a partner we can rely on for small needs like grocery shopping when we are sick, and for real emergencies, like a broken leg or an appendicitis?

If we are not really pioneers, we were preceded by other Italians who often tend to form real close-knit community. Search for them through Internet, identify key contacts, let's talk about their experience, let's speak of our needs. It 'a great way to learn from afar.

Finally, irreplaceable, we make a field test! If we have a friend on the spot, ask her if you can rent a room for a few months to see if we had considered all items or if we had left out one that for us it is the critical one. Are we able to adapt to the new food, culture and language? If the answer is yes, we are about to start our new life!


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