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Among all the selection criteria, health is more delicate because on one hand greatly impacts on quality of life, on the other is hard to quantify.
Let's start with the information of official bodies highly respected in the scientific community,  reminding us that we can never get the right answer if the question is wrong from the beginning.
We do not need to know what the state of healthcare is for the mean population, but what interests us is the health standard to which we can access in our situation (for once) of pensioners with more privileged than the average income. We will return to this point.
We start from the Foreign Ministry website Safe travel that has a section devoted to "Health situation". The Foreign Ministry puts Portugal, Spain and Slovenia in the group of countries with generally good health services.
In Poland "the local health facilities are acceptable and good turns out to be the preparation of the medical staff", while in Bulgaria "Health care appears, on the whole, still below than the Italian although registering an adequate medical staff professionalism and nursing". Less good is the situation in Romania, where the Foreign Ministry recommends some specific hospitals and says: "The private structures, used mainly by foreigners, are broadly efficient".

What choices do we have, with particular reference to the second group of countries?
We can choose or, in some cases, be required to maintain the tax residence (ie the payment of taxes) and health coverage in Italy. We can ask our ASL the European Health Insurance Card, which gives the right to health care in any Member State of the European Union under the same conditions of the patients of the country and must be renewed annually. In this way we use the Card for emergencies and in the case of particularly important actions we can go back to Italy. The main drawback is due to the logistical and bureaucratic complication.

HearthA second option takes into account the lower cost of living and the fact that private health care is at a much more advanced level than the public: for example, it is actually developing dental tourism as it is already happening for years in the neighboring Croatia and there are many cases in which we can make use of medical specialists at the price of an Italian ticket.
We can invest a portion of what we save in taxes in private health insurance at a cost not too high, between 70€ and 200€ per month, that allows us to deal with most unfavorable eventualities, as the  hospital care and related drugs, surgery, transplants, eye surgery eyes with the laser, rehabilitation and more, in private facilities of a good standard. It is true that in this way, to have a health care at Italian level or higher, we lose the advantage on taxes, but it remains the one linked to the significantly lower cost of life.


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