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Having made the fateful decision to enjoy retirement in a more hospitable country compared to yours, you must now choose which is most suitable to your tastes and needs. Let's see what are the most important criteria to evaluate and how to use them.

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Paraphrasing an old adage, we can say that nothing is more subjective than objective criteria. Someone considers crucial the cuisine and for this reason he would never shift from Sardinia to Trentino and some people are allergic to smog and could never go from rural environment to urban one.

There is no solution that will satisfy everyone, but then for what the "objective criteria" are useful? They serve to avoid that we can casually underestimate a factor that, for most people, is important. We must then add to them the factors that impact on our personal quality of life.

In the following we will assume that the choice of the country is within the European Community. If not, we should consider other factors, such as the time and cost to obtain a visa, short-term or permanent, and possible constraints: for example in some countries is much more difficult, if not impossible, to buy the house for a foreign citizen .
Among the factors that we will deepen there are two economic ones, like the fiscal policy and the cost of living, and three social and environmental ones, namely healthcare, safety and climate.

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