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Many retirees change country of residence, attracted by a better quality of life and by a more dignified and respected life. It happens, however, that some time later they suffer a crisis and, if they can not overcome it, they return defeated to their country of departure. What are the problems that arise and how can they be addressed?

The maze of problems

We arrived in our new country, full of courage and enthusiasm, and we passed with great enthusiasm the initial problems. We are satisfied with ourselves, because they were not small difficulties, and we prepare ourselves to live to the best our daily life.


... however a nagging thought creeps in, that at the beginning we try to dodge not thinking to it. But it comes back in moments of rest or mental fatigue, maybe when we are lying on the bed and we can not get to sleep. At the end we give up and we begin to mull over:

"Was I right? But who made me do?"

Man in trouble

We become more unfriendly, frustrated, minimum setbacks trouble us and one fateful day, treacherously, there is the thought: "What if I went back for good?"

Alt! Let's stop for a moment, take a deep breath, calm down and examine the situation. The first step to overcome the problem is to understand what is happening to us.

Talking with friends, we discover that we are not alone and that most historians expatriates at some point asked the same question, which is a normal symptom of nostalgia for the old house, the affections, the old habits. For many people critical time is after three or four months of residence, when the novelty of change has lost strength and the integration process is still long.

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