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The Tutor Mary

Maria lives alone in Pescara. She has a beautiful house by the sea, which has become too large when her children were married, but the pension is truly miserable and allows her to get to barely make end meet. To earn some extra she thought to rent a room.

student 849817 640She would like to find a stable tenant because she does not bear the tourists' confusion and with the help of a friend who knows better the computer, she writes an ad on Acesmo in English. She thinks that an American would pay a rent small for him but that could double her retirement. She adds some other pay services, such as laundry and kitchen, which are cheap because she must already do them for herself. She is not interested in marriage and she makes it clear in the ad.

coffee shop 808983 640After Alfred's answer, in her there is a mixture of happiness and fear because of hosting a stranger. She calms down seeing that he had been certified level "gold" by Acesmo. She pokes around on his Facebook profile and, more than words (since she does not know English),  the his many friends' faces convinced her. Besides, if she will not like him or he has some bad flaw (she hates drunkards), she can always not renew the lease. On the other hand, if it goes well, for at least one year she will double her pension.

When Alfred arrives, she realizes that he feels lost and her maternal instinct gets the better. She tries to help him in small tasks and above all she introduces him to her friends and teaches him the most important phrases in Italian, which he pronounces with a funny accent. At first they understand each other more by gestures then by language, but after a few months the communications improve and they speak in a mixture of Italian and English. Alfred likes long walks in the historic centers and in nature, and she gladly accompanies it.

walking 1149747 640After one year she knows enough him, she knows he has some defect (thankfully not the alcohol) but he has a good heart. They became friends, even though neither has sentimental intentions: lately they felt alone and now they are happy with each other's company. Nothing more, but it's no small thing and in addition Mary may grant herself some small expense that before she would never have been able to afford!


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