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The retired George

George lives in Milan alone and he is consuming his little savings because the pension is not enough to live on. He would like to find a country to live with serenity and above all with dignity. He is fed up of being considered only a financial burden by a State to which he has paid contributions throughout his working life.

He wants to move to a foreign country where his money is worth more, and social services such as health care are just as good as in Italy, to live with dignity and serenity. On the other hand, George does not like the risk and he would like to control practically if local conditions are really good for him before making a final choice.

VioletaHe reads the ad of Violetta, who lives in Bulgaria in Varna, called "the pearl of the Black Sea". She wants to rent a room in her home and as services she includes kitchen, laundry and assistance for small tasks (such as the purchase of medicines in pharmacies). She says also that she is available for the wedding but, even if Julius does not exclude it, it is a distant thought for him.
Just for peace of mind, he verifies that Violeta has been certified in Acesmo getting the "gold" certification. After a chat on Skype with Violeta, in a broken English mixed to Italian and Bulgarian terms, he decides and leaves. After all - he thinks - if it goes wrong he will pass a long holiday in a resort that in his working life has never been able to afford. And if it goes well

the old town 992311 640In Bulgaria there is a better climate then in Northern Italy and a good health care system. The bilateral treaty with Italy allows him to receive the pension in Bulgaria, where taxation is low in general (10% flat tax) and there is a favorable treatment for retirees from abroad (up to 6%) . Thanks to the advantageous tax rates and the lowest cost of living, at last he is able to have a decent quality of life.

pasta 1088438 640Of course there are difficulties and early George suffers mainly due to the different language and to the feeding to which he is not accustomed. Violeta realizes this and she acts as a cultural mediator (though she does not even know this word): she helps Giorgio to learn Bulgarian and she tooks the opportunity to learn a few words of Italian to improve communication. She also tries to cook some Italian recipe that George has described to her: the result is an Italian-Bulgarian mixed plate that George learns to appreciate.

sculpture 682158 640After one year George feels at home, thanks to Violeta that has gradually introduced him in a new culture and helped him to be integrated with local life. Speaking of Violeta, now he knows her well enough to ask her to marry him without worries of mind. Over a year ago a friend told him that he needs not fear traps because in Bulgaria divorce does not plan to pay alimony for life but for a limited period (typically three years); at the time he was pleased but now almost he does not care. Finally he feels he has in front of him a stable love life as well as a decent quality of life.


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