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Search in the ads, find the destination and the Tutor best suited to your needs and to your aspirations.


Contact the chosen Tutor, talk, confirm price and conditions, pay for the hospitality and the services. A safe and reliable path.


In addition to hosting, the Tutor will help you to understand the habits and the culture of a country different from yours, so you can enjoy it to the full.


Is this Tutor the right one? Did you feel yourself good in the city where you stayed? If yes, you can make it your final choise for your future.

For whom is Acesmo thinked?

Acesmo is directed to retired that are not able to gett with a poor pension in their country and seek a new life with dignity and freedom from distress. They take advantage from lower cost of living and from different taxation of a foreign country that has good health services, safety, and climate. They know that expatriate involves uncertainties and culture shock that they want to minimize with the help of a local partner.

Acesmo can be useful to people (Tutor) who have a second home or a property too big for them and want to supplement their income. They offer additional services such as kitchen and laundry which they must already do for themselves, but above all they are cultural mediators, helping the hosts to adapt themselves to a culture and language different from their own.

Acesmo allows them to find and contact each other in a simple and safe way.

The retired George

  • The retired George

    George lives in Milan alone and he is consuming his little savings because the pension is not enough to live on. He would like to find a country to live with serenity and above all with dignity. He is fed up of being considered only a financial burden by a State to which he has paid contributions throughout his working life.


The Tutor Mary

  • The Tutor Mary
    Maria lives alone in Pescara. She has a beautiful house by the sea, which has become too large when her children were married, but the pension is truly miserable and allows her to get to barely make end meet. To earn some extra she thought to rent a room.


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your new dignified

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